Phil Brown 










Phil Brown is an artist that only comes along once in rare while.  That time is now!

Virtuoso guitar tonemeister, singer, and songwriter,  Phil Brown’s unique trifecta of Jeff Beck-style whammy work, Bowie-meets-Sinatra-esque vocals and brilliantly crafted tunes has been an explosive force in the music industry for some time. 

He has written songs for many diverse artists such as - Cher, Kix, Pat Benatar, Willie D & Tower of Power, Doro Pesch, KBC, Ace Freely, Paul Barrere, Fiona, Bonnie Tyler, Buster Brown, Steve Perry and Kim Carnes, just to name a few.

The former front man for Little Feat (from the "Hoy Hoy" days right after Lowell George's passing) is still turning out the projects and performing.  Check out his latest release, The Right Amount of Wrong as well as Imagine This, The Jimi Project, Cruel Inventions and more.

Either on electric or acoustic guitars, Brown belongs in the same club as his heroes, such as Hendrix, Beck, Clapton, Pass, and McLaughlin, players whose sound resides as much in their touch and spirit as in any gear they might select.

General music lovers will be attracted to an artist with great grooves, great vocals and most important real tunes, a rare enough combination in any genre. 

There is a feeling of a life lived.  Though his sources may be close to the surface, his own personality shines through, something else that is too rare these days.